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Investment Philosophy
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Which PFI Strategies Services Are Right for You?

plant Investment Advisory Services


Your investments will be completely managed by PFI Strategies.

Our investment advisory services are characterized by independence, intelligence and intuition.

user Brokerage Services


We buy and sell Certificates of Deposit (CDs);Treasury, Agency and Corporate Bonds; Mortgaged-Backed Securities (MBS); Commercial Paper; and more.
We look for investments that fit your portfolio, rather than try to unload inventory that we need to sell on you.

piggy_bank Pension Alternative and Low Correlation Investments


These investments can help lower risk and volatility and improve a portfolio’s growth potential.

They are one reason why large endowments often outperform pension funds.

Consulting Services

  • We can assume a “coaching” role, advising you as you continue to work directly with your brokers and banks.
  • As your coach, we can help you avoid mistakes that could be costing your fund millions of dollars.
  • Remember: It’s not what you know — it’s what you don’t know.
  • Our fees start as low as 4 basis points and can go as high as 20 basis points, depending on the size of the account.