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Investment Philosophy
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The PFI Strategies Difference

At PFI Strategies, we believe there’s a big difference between managing a portfolio and simply buying new investments as old ones mature or are called.

The fact is, quantifying a portfolio to demonstrate that it is meeting stated objectives is sometimes easier said than done. Most public funds have the same primary objectives: Safety, Liquidity and Yield. But if pressed, many investment advisors have difficulty quantifying the risks of each investment, defining liquidity needs and measuring yields.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, PFI Strategies works with our clients to properly quantify objectives and devise a written strategy that’s designed to achieve them. While the objectives always stay the same, how you reach them must change as the market changes.

A low-interest-rate environment, for example, presents different challenges and risks than a high-rate environment. Therefore, your strategy in a low-rate environment must change if it was devised based on the assumption of a flat-rate or high-rate environment.

Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Advising

PFI Strategies can work with you as either a discretionary or non-discretionary advisor:

Discretionary Advisors.
In this role, we will buy and sell investments in a pool as we see fit, based upon your objectives and our pre-determined strategy.You would no longer have to deal with brokers or banks to purchase new investments — we will take that burden from you. We will then report to you and your counsel as to the investments we have made and where your investments are withrespect to pricing and yield.

Non-Discretionary Advisors.
Here, we will take on more of a “coaching” role, advising you as you continue to work directly with your brokers and banks. We will provide insight with regard to each recommendation that is made to you. We have the ability to research the investments that are being recommended to you and advise you based on many different considerations. For example:


Is the investment consistent with your strategy?


Is the price of the investment fair?


Is the timing ofthe investment good?

Our clients feel that the advice and assistance we offer as a non-discretionary advisor is one of the most valuable services we provide.

Why Coaching

Almost all professional athletes work with coaches. Even Tiger Woods has a swing coach. Now if Tiger played golf against his coach, he would probably win every time, so why hire him? Because a coach can help Tiger improve his game by identifying bad habits that he can’t spot himself.

It’s the same with any profession, including public fund investing. As your coach, we can help you “improve your game” and avoid mistakes that could be costing your fund millions of dollars.

Our fees start as low as 4 basis points and can go as high as 20 basis points, depending on the size of the account. The larger the account, the lower the fee.


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