Investing Public Funds


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Public Fund Investing for Dummies

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Ten (Or So) Thoughts about Public Fund Investing

Bond Analytics Advanced YTM

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Bond Analytics is a powerful application that calculates bond yields and bond analytics. With this application you can calculate Macaulay Duration and modified duration as well as convexity. Bond Analytics has a very large glossary of financial terms relating to bonds and fixed income investing. Many Professionals use this product to help them with purchasing and selling agencies, treasuries and municipal bonds. Bond Analytics is a product of PFITR.

Investing Public Funds

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Welcome to PFI Strategies

Investing Public Funds: welcome

PFI Strategies is in the business of “finding money” in an institution’s operational and reserve funds. We also love to make Treasurers and Financial Officers look good and help public fund investors avoid the heart ache of poor investment decisions (everyone makes them from time to time).


Investing Public Funds
Public Fund Investing

Download and use these spreadsheets to help determine your Liquidity Needs and Portfolio Risks