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PFI Strategies

PFI Strategies is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm (RIA) that specialized in building good treasury management strategies for fixed-fixed income portfolios. The types of entities we help are typically institutional like cities, counties, utilities, port authorities, schools, hospitals, airports, and universities.

We also help public fund investors avoid the heartache of poor investment decisions, which everyone makes from time to time.Although we have experience with larger portfolios, our passion is providing exceptional service to smaller cities, counties and communities.

Jim Koetting (click for bio) is president and founder of PFI Strategies and is the author of Public Fund Investing for Dummies. Mr. Koetting works with public institutions to reduce negative arbitrage accumulated in their debt service reserve funds. He also helps financial officers create and implement investment strategies for their operational reserve funds.

We have found that there is no shortage of banks, brokerages and investment advisors offering all kinds of investment products for your money. While every firm is happy to provide bids and invest your money, not many will help you create a comprehensive investment strategy.

PFI Strategies adopts a team approach when managing your investments. One part of our team looks at your strategy, while another part goes out for bids on appropriate investments.